Sell 36% More By Upgrading Your Sales Process

Do you want to learn best practices for administering training, coaching and skills to upgrade your entire team?
Do you want to track your benchmarks and sales leads in a simple, effective and manageable way?
Do you want to develop playbooks and workflows to make it easier to train team members? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this course is for you! 
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Sales Acceleration Training for Managers
Unlike traditional training programs, our program offers skills, coaching, techniques and processes for all customer-facing employees who work for my client's company. No other training program that I've found integrates all components of success. This includes sales, sales management, marketing, executive management, and customer service.
Process, not just sales skills
Again, a major differentiation between our programs and others is that we help the user implement new, more effective and metrically managed selling processes.  This program contains the sales knowledge Gil has obtained in nearly 40 years of sales and working with 5,000+ companies.
Don't Worry, It's Not A Blitzkrieg


Many sales training programs believe that they can change the behavior of an adult in a one-, two- or three-day blitzkrieg. That's impossible. Our program goes for one year. Not only do the clients have access to recorded training, but they also have access to a biweekly coaching call conducted by me; and they have 24/7 email access to me or one of my certified coaches, to help them implement our program.
The New Math of Sales Excellence: This is the core concept underlying our program. The New Math of Sales Excellence focuses on process, precision and accountability.
Sales playbooks: Our clients are assured of sales success because we provide them with the ability to hold their team accountable for compliance with best practices.
In this course, you and your team will learn how to manage all of your existing customers with a perpetual view of adding new products, new services and/or extending the lifetime value of the customer.


Learn The Value Of Benchmarking


We are also the only organization that I know of that teaches the client to benchmark their current sales process.   
Many of my clients have told me that my competitors deliver information that's an inch deep and a mile wide. I, on the other hand, deliver information that's a mile deep and an inch wide.
We go deep so our students can permanently and measurably improve the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability generated by their sales force.


Still Not Convinced?  Listen To The Sales Doctor Himself Explain It!
What Else Do You Get With This Program?
In addition to these online courses, you'll receive templates, guides and workbooks for each course. It's all available to all members of your team online 24/7/365.
You'll also be invited to participate in regular group coaching calls.
Our goal is to work at your side, but not on your payroll, to help you achieve your goals.
How much more will I sell?
By using these techniques, companies have been able to increase their top line by 36% or even more. Your results will vary based on your effort and circumstances.


Frequently Asked Questions

Jerry Koning
AVG Cloudcare
Account Manager
You are the third sales trainer I have worked with and I feel that I gained 100 times the information than during previous sales classes. I look forward to using the skills you taught us to better myself as well as my work performance.
Paul Cesak
PC Models, 
Cargill Consulting and Gil specifically, had been hired to manage the entire effort including tallying the results and compiling the final report. Gil was an excellent presenter..






Do you guarantee success?
I can't guarantee your success, unless you'll guarantee to do the work. Remember, this is a company-wide training program. All we can do is deliver the training, content and implementation coaching. We will extend a success guarantee, if and only if you'll guarantee to implement all the tactics and strategies presented in our program and work with your coach collaboratively. We must discuss your circumstances before creating a success-guaranteed program. To discuss this further, click this link to access my calendar; and we will discuss your circumstances and whether or not a success guarantee is appropriate for you and us.
What do I get in the program?
As mentioned elsewhere, this is the only company-wide sales success training program. We recognize that sales success is a team sport. Therefore, you will get curriculum tailored for your C-suite leaders, marketing managers, sales managers, salespeople, and customer support representatives… literally, all customer-facing employees. You'll also receive workbooks, templates and guides designed to help implement our ideas. Indeed, many of our clients view this program as the training department in a box. In addition, you'll benefit from biweekly group coaching sessions and 24/7 email access to your coach.
Hear What Industry Experts Are Saying About Our Training:

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How long does it take?
If you played all of the training back to back, you would have well over 100 hours of knowledge being presented. The program is designed to work with your coach to address your biggest challenges first. Therefore, you'll see improvements in certain areas within your sales process very quickly.



What equipment do I need?
Our presentations play on all mobile devices, as well as your desktop PC. Get the training you need, when you need it and wherever you may be.



Will this work for my company?
Our program has something for every company that relies on sales and marketing efforts and success to grow. If that describes your company, this program is for you.



Tom Cannon
MassPay | Mobile Payment, 
Customer Success Manager
Gil is a master trainer and manager of sales of all types, with a superb demeanor and professionalism of highest level. A superb leader himself, he passes along wisdom, know-how, and develops others in the finest types of persuasion.
Kathie McBroom
‎Synergy Business Group, 
Gil is truly and expert on the topic of Sales ...  getting the most out of your sales team and approaches for increasing revenue. Many of the CEO’s in our group implemented Gil’s recommendations with respect to Sales Management.
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July 13-14, 2017 | Chicago, IL

August 1-2, 2017 | Charlotte, NC

August 14-15, 2017 | New Orleans, LA

August 22-23, 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

September 13-14, 2017 | Boston, MA

October 12-13, 2017 | San Jose, CA

October 24-25, 2017 | Seattle, WA

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Download Our Sales Acceleration Training for Managers E-Book
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